Meet R4H Medical Transportation

Who Are We?

R4H Medical Transportation is a software-powered NEMT company focused on leveraging technology to serve the market with an elevated efficiency to resolve the current challenges of its under-served, overgrowing needs. Our long-term strategic partnerships with healthcare organizations, insurance companies and software developers allow us to be one of the most successful transportation companies in the NEMT Industry.


R4H Medical Transportation Services

R4H Medical Transportation is one of the top Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Companies in Pennsylvania, servicing Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and all areas in between. We have developed great partnerships with some of the business's biggest medical management companies today with our professionally trained drivers. We are wheelchair and stretcher-friendly and accommodate pharmacy stops with all medical runs to and from a doctor's office, hospital, physical therapy facilities, and the like.

R4H Medical Transportation prides itself on giving back to the community by providing our seniors with genuine care, quality transportation, and discount services for seniors over 65. Whether it’s trips to the grocery store, doctor’s office, visiting family, or other places, we stay committed to making travel easy for our seniors.

R4H Medical Transportation provides comfortable non-emergency medical transportation for their clients in wheelchairs or those with limited mobility. Our wheelchair transport services offer accessible transportation to individuals who use wheelchairs to and from medical appointments and other non-medical events.

Types of Trasportation


Ambulettes are vehicles used for non-emergency medical transport. They are often utilized to assist disabled or convalescent individuals with medical conditions such as a stroke or any other debilitating condition.

Wheelchair Vans

Our Wheelchair accessible vans have been modified by increasing the interior size of the vehicle and equipping it with a lift or a ramp to allow wheelchair entry.

Stretcher Vans

Our stretcher vans are used for medical transportation for non-ambulatory or convalescent passengers that need no monitoring while being transported.

Sedan Cars

Our Sedan vehicles are used for passengers that need minimum assistance and can transfer from a wheelchair into a seat of a car.

Interested in Joining the R4H Medical Transportation Team?

We are now looking to expand across the country through our network of trusted leaders.

Being an Exclusive Service Operator allows entrepreneurs an expedited and low-risk way to own and operate a tried and proven business model in a recession-proof industry that is set to grow by $4.5 Billion in the next five years. Exclusive Service Operators can run their own NEMT operations within their assigned geographic location. They are given on-going assistance, guidance, and mentoring to improve the success of their organization within the R4H Medical Transportation Program. This helps entrepreneurs overcome obstacles with starting a conventional business, such as higher risk, no guarantee of return or success, lack of prospective opportunities and support.

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Service Operators

We are looking to expand across the country through our team of trusted leaders. These leaders are key stakeholders who can leverage the experience and brand that we have built.


Strategic Partnerships with

Healthcare Organizations

R4H Medical Transportation is focused on addressing and resolving the nationwide issue of missed appointments. We also aim to reduce operational workloads by leveraging our software that includes important day-to-day streamlined functionalities.

Compassionate, Professional


Non-Emergency Medical Transportation drivers require specific training, credentials and certifications to provide transportation services in this industry. The R4H Medical Transportation Program has streamlined this process to make driver onboarding quick, easy and as simple as possible.

Career Opportunities

Interested in joining the R4H Medical Transportation team?