Team of Experts

Our core team brings a combined entrepreneurial experience of over 55+ years of thought leadership from a wide spectrum of industries; NEMT, Operations, and Technology.

Alexander Vazquez

New Business

Alexander “Alex” Vazquez, came to Pittsburgh with an unrelenting passion to build a business. Constantly challenging the status-quo coupled with his staunch perseverance and persistence has put him at the helm of multiple multi-million dollar businesses. Alex has the knack of grasping the concepts and needs of any business and quickly moves to build successful businesses by executing smart decisions and persistently keeping focused on the vision of the companies. Alex is an ardent follower of technology and innovation with an innate gift to identify technology-automation oriented business opportunities. Within five years of having started his first business, Alex, a flamboyant yet humble serial entrepreneur, has forged strong business partnerships and strategic relationships that have generated opportunities and wealth for all people involved. Alex is a caring man and loves knowing he is building a bright future for his children and grandchildren. Alex also enjoys traveling when he’s not working.

James Smith


James Smith is a well-known businessman with over 25 years of experience. He began his EMS career as an EMT in 1992, advancing his skills and certification to Paramedic in 1993. He continues to be active in EMS, serving as the Director of Operations for the same Non-Profit Ambulance Company. In 1995, Mr. Smith co-founded a NEMT / EMS company that is now one of the largest NEMT providers in Pennsylvania, employing over 200 employees with a fleet exceeding 130 vehicles. Mr. Smith has served as a Board / Committee Member with AAP, County 911, NORCOM Community Services, and his local EMS / Ambulance. He has been an active Strike Team Leader for FEMA and State response to catastrophic incidents. In 2013, Mr. Smith Founded JC Paratransit Solutions that services EMS / NEMT companies with vehicle, software, and consulting services. With the experience, knowledge, and proven success in EMS and the NEMT Industry, Mr. Smith heads the operations as the COO for R4H Medical Transportation for all locations throughout PA and other States.

Shhrigovind Tiwari


Shhrigovind “Shhri” Tiwari , a tech entrepreneur successfully ran a self-funded, technology services company catering to customers from over 45 countries, offices in 3 countries for close to 9 years. In his career spanning over 16 years, his key focus areas have been demand generation, creating high-performance result-oriented teams, and building automated processes across business horizontals. Having built products for his customers that clocked over $3 Billion in online sales, over a million in monthly site visits to helping Fortune 100 companies drastically reduce their operations cost, Shhri has created significant value differentiators giving his customers a competitive edge to reach the top of their game. Shhri, an invited speaker by the Whos Who of the IT fraternity, loves astrophysics. Though an engineering college drop-out, he has multiple publications in NASA, IEEE journals in the field of quantum physics and space propulsion. He is an avid traveler, plays guitar, and likes to hum while playing his piano.