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Here at R4H Medical Transportation, it is our belief that our communities deserve the best non-emergency medical trip experience. We believe that starts with the most compassionate and professional drivers. R4H Medical Transportation works together with our professionally trained staff and service providers to ensure all our drivers undergo a rigorous training and credentialing process that includes pre-work screening such as- criminal background and motor vehicle records checks, drug education and testing and national child clearance. We also provide drivers with hands-on passenger assistance training, customer service and make them aware of privacy laws such as HIPAA. All of our drivers are trained to hold all our customer’s information in strict confidence. Thanks for allowing us to serve you!

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We are looking to expand across the country through our network of trusted partners. These partners are key stakeholders who can leverage the experience and brand that we have built.

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R4H Medical Transportation is focused on addressing and resolving the nationwide issue of missed appointments. We also aim to reduce operational workloads by leveraging our software that includes important day-to-day streamlined functionalities.

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Medical transportation drivers require qualifications, certifications, and credentials. We simplify these processes with an easy to use driver app to make credentialing easy and help you earn more!

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