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Exclusive Service Operator

We are now looking to expand across the country through our network of trusted leaders.

Being an Exclusive Service Operator allows entrepreneurs an expedited and low-risk way to own and operate a tried and proven business model in a recession-proof industry that is set to grow by $4.5 Billion in the next five years. Exclusive Service Operators can run their own NEMT operations within their assigned geographic location. They are given on-going assistance, guidance, and mentoring to improve the success of their organization within the R4H Medical Transportation Program. This helps entrepreneurs overcome obstacles with starting a conventional business, such as higher risk, no guarantee of return or success, lack of prospective opportunities and support.

That's Right!

R4H Medical Transportation brings you...

NEMT company with a rich industry experience of combined 40+ years

Key stakeholders together to work cohesively within the NEMT ecosystem such as Insurance companies, Members, TNCs and Health Care Organizations; seamlessly through process automation leveraging latest technology.

Close Correlation with market-leadership providing strategic guidance in day-to-day business processes.

Digital Enterprise with over 600+ man years of successful software development and digital transformation.

Core team of serial entrepreneurs having built successful businesses in the NEMT industry, Technology and Operations.

Your First Million as an NEMT Business Operator

The Non-Emergency Medical Transportation industry is a high return-on-investment business opportunity. As a Level One Industry, the NEMT industry is poised to grow at a whopping 50%, allowing it to reach 12.6 billion in the next six years. There are only 5 to 10% of Medicaid clients currently using NEMT services, and yet there are still more appointments than there are drivers. Largely, the supply fails to meet the current demand of the industry.

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  • Growth Opportunity in Next 6 Years

  • Dearth of NEMT Bookings

  • Current Industry Operational Productivity

  • Average Driver Efficiency


Our core team brings more than 55+ combined years of business leadership plus...

Exhaustive experience in credentialing and training.

Skilled staff hiring and driver procurement assistance.

Strategic partnerships with healthcare organizations.

Company growth and development tactics.

Reduced operation costs through tech driven operations.

Best deals to reduce insurance costs.